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Regina Dantas




Title - Annaluz
Year - 2022
Size - 50,5 x 63 cm
Technique - Acrylic paint, hahnemuhle paper 300g, embroidery thread

With an emphasis on the two-dimensionality of the paper, the basic premise is to tension factual masses and dimmish membranes, shifting the perception of the planar (or mental) regime to its sensorial (or corporeal) grounds - hence different degrees of fullness in geometry. Her visual structures are launched into a vacuum like events "into”space or “with”space, leading to powerful effects of scale. The opacity of the color gives more sculptural weight to certain orbits, while the dilution of paint sensualizes otherwise in the midst of a rigorous abstract environment.The Annaluz Serie has the circle as an axial way of demarcating territories of clear or somber luminosity. Tonal variations add a disputed game of ecliptic or galactic scores.

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