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Regina Dantas
Visual Artist

Regina Dantas

Visual Artist


Visual artist, She studied at the Guignard School of Visual Art,
Belo Horizonte, 1983 - 1986. In the last few years, Dantas has
held workshops at the Parque Lage of Visual Arts, in Rio de Janeiro.
In 2017, she goes to Florence and attends Francesca Vannini’s art
studio. Since 2016, the artist has taken part in many exhibitions in
Brazil and abroad. The international Contemporary Art Exhibition
(M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milan, 2020), The 8th Mini Print Kazanlak,
(Kazanlak, Bulgaria, 2020), Arte Tocada e Arte que Toca (Galeria
Geraldes Silva, Porto, 2019), The 39th Mini Print international de
Cadaqués (Barcelona, 2019) Mini Impression de Entre Rios (Galeria
Luis Bourbard, Argentina, 2018) - among others. From 1987 to 2015,
Dantas was the set designer for globo TV Network’s shows and soap
operas. Born in Belo Horizonte, Regina Dantas lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.
She is always attentive to the shapes, interested in creating and
breaking asymmetrical geometries, finding the voids in the recesses.
With the art of serigraphy based on stencil, she explores differentiated
repetitions but reserves a space for surprise, each print becomes a
monotype. Her visual structures are launched into a vacuum like - events
spaces - or - with space - leading to powerful effects of scale.


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