Rope pulling at the Wind factory
Zamuel Hube

Rope pulling at the Wind factory



Title: Rope pulling at the Wind factory (originally in Finnish: Köydenvetoa Tuulitehtaalla)
Year: 2021
Size: 96x42 cm
Technique: Acryl painting on canvas

Welcome to the Wind factories!
The wind divides us and brings us together as well. At the Wind factories, the gusts of wind originate from laughter, caring, and the courage to try and dare.
The atmosphere at Wind factories is reminiscent of the liberated and cultural life of the 1930s. Come along and let your thoughts carry you with the wind. Feel the wind and de-cide where you want to direct your own flows.
I hope that people will find each other, as well as discover the subtleties and uniqueness of the surrounding nature through my works. Most of all, I hope viewers will find their way to their own Wind Factory. Although getting to the Wind Factory is just the beginning.