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Chika Shinoda




Title: From JAPAN
Year: 2021
Size: 910x1167x25mm
Technique: Mixed Media

Description: This work is based on the Japanese mythology "Kojiki" and depicts the gods Amaterasu, Susano and Tsukiyomi in a pop style.
Why are they depicted as skeletons? In Japan, we don't learn much about this mythology, and few people teach it. That's why they have been forgotten and turned into skeletons over time.
I don't think that myths are just fiction, but I believe that there are always hints behind them that can be applied to our lives today. Since I am Japanese, I drew on Japanese myths, but I believe that Roman and Greek,China myths also have the same hints for living. “Reborn”. Our world is full of many mystical events that have been forgotten. It may be an important element for the future that we remember them and reborn as a new humanity.

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