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Eleni Gemeni
Digital Artist

Eleni Gemeni

Digital Artist


Eleni Gemeni is a digital artist and experimental photographer based in Luxembourg. Throughout her academic career she had pursued fields of study and ideas that have interested her. She studied economics, art & interior design and translation & applied linguistics.
Her abiding love in art and science is manifested in her artworks. She dedicated her free time to exploring cosmos, time, life, nature and everything in between. This is also the journey revealed in her art. Painting, collage, digital art, photography are her tools. Emotions, humor, drama, whimsy, mischief, surrealism, allegory and visionary thinking are her ingredients for her creative artworks.
For her digital art, she uses mixed techniques. It is a combination of her own photographs, drawings, paintings, sketches and collages embellished and altered with brushes, textures, elements and other vintage ephemera. All these are manipulated and artistically edited on her mobile phone and tablet.
Her creative journey continues also with her experimental photography, analog, instant, digital and mobile. Almost a decade ago she was introduced into the lomography pop style photography. She fell in love with the vintage analog flair of the photographs and started experimenting with her lomo and instant cameras. It was only a matter of time before she decided to step into mobile photography and art. Photo-montage and experimental photo manipulation play a key role to her creative expression. Her post processing and digital art techniques are exploratory and unconventional, making her art a visual journey that embraces the unexpected.
Today, she is an award-winning artist and photographer. She has also received multiple recognitions and honorable mentions in digital art and photography in major international juried competitions. Her portfolio is presented by Light Space & Time Art Gallery and Photographize Art platform. Many of her works have been featured in distinguished art publications, social media, online art galleries and exhibited in the US (New York, Miami, Palo Alto, Savannah, Barnstable), Italy (Florence and Venice), Portugal (Porto), and Switzerland (Zurich).


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