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The path
Eleni Gemeni

The path



Title: The path
Year: 2022
Limited edition giclée art print (run of 10) on Hahnemühle paper with certificate of authenticity
Technique: Mixed technique digital art / Photomontage / Photo manipulation / Digital drawing
Size: 32x40cm ( without border or frame)

“The path” is the first part of my art series of abstract figurative art about the path of humans towards enlightenment. It is a mixed technique piece, that combines my own photos and drawings, which are digitally manipulated and collaged on my ipad.

In this piece the human bodies are stretched, liquified, distorted. So are their shadows. The exaggerated yet simplified forms and the lack of any specific characteristics is an intentional choice in an attempt to depict not only the body but also the soul and essence of humans. Their posture shows their struggle, distress and conflict as they walk their path. I used black and deep red colors for their burdens, solitude and passion to be freed and live a meaningful life. White circles fall on them from the sky. I call them abstract flowers of hope. Small touches of ‘spring’ in their path.

The embodied souls move slowly towards the light in the background. As they keep walking, ripples of water wash away their past. Their distorted shadows depict all the darkness, demons and obstacles they had to fight and overcome. In the end, water, as catharsis, dissolves all mischief and pain and purifies the human bodies, their souls and their path.

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