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Guiding light
Carol Avery

Guiding light



Title: Guiding light- Norah Head Lighthouse, NSW (Australia)
Year: 2021
Technique: Watercolour –½ sheet Arches Cold Press 300gsm paper. Winsor & Newton Paint
Size:width- 55cm; height - 36cms

Guiding light
Stand in the scene depicted by this painting- the mighty sea, with all her power. Her waves which ebb and flow are constant and invigorating. The beauty of that sky is enhanced by the glowing light from the sun, revealing wonderous colours in the clouds and watery reflections. Those colourful clouds create magical shapes and dimensions that are calling you to fly through them. There,beside the lighthouse, the wind is refreshing and blowing the cobwebs in your mind away. The lighthouse is fulfilling its role as guardian, shining its light to guide a safe passage. The vastness of the expanse of the sea and sky in front of you, instil awe and respect of those natural forces so visible in this place.We may be reminded of our individual and very small place in this vast, all-encompassing universe. Thus, with self-reflection from our very small place, with kindness, compassion and we can be a lighthouse!

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