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Acqua della fontana

Acqua della fontana



Title: Acqua della fontana
Year: 2022
Size: 150x150
Technique: Acrylics and paints on canvas, finger painted brushes and palette knives.

The myth of Lake Pergusa, known as the Rape of Proserpina
has always fueled the imagination and creativity of writers and artists.
Who has never heard the story of the abduction of the beautiful Proserpina and her wedding with the god of the underworld Pluto?
Western culture, in fact, has immortalized over the centuries the myth thanks to which the ancient Greeks explained the changing of the seasons. Not everyone, however, is perhaps aware of the fact that the events of the myth unfold precisely in Sicily and, more precisely, on the shores of Lake Pergusa, in the province of Enna.
This canvas contains two fragments of the fountain that inspired me during my trip to Sicily.

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