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"The place where he paints is not contaminated by time and crowds but only by the colors and music of Pink Floyd".
Claudio Lombardi's, aka CLARTE365, is an Atelier that comes to life at night.
The figure emerges from the thick rough brushstrokes from the chaos of colors with abstract strokes. experimentation is the common thread of the works of Lombardi, a Bagnolese artist, teacher at the Castel Goffredo kindergarten, who in 2019 decides to publish his creations, born from instinct and inspiration.
In 2020/2021 he was included among the emerging artists of Art events.
"He has always felt the inspiration and the artistic vein for him comes from a moment, from an encounter, the stimulus comes instinctively especially at night when he paints in his Atelier with the music of Pink Floyd in the background”. "He does not follow precise rules, but he is experimenting, a sort of evolution as the experience gets bigger, some works are not the right size, they are crooked but these disturbing little details are wanted: everything must always be in order and perfect, the different always frightens a little and creating disturbance causes and moves “. CLARTE365, Thoughts in the footsteps of Buddha and Pink Floyd: this is how the pseudonym inspired by a volume of National Geographic was born: 365 thoughts on the footsteps of Buddha, a spiritual journey punctuated day by day, page after page made of image quotes by numerous followers. a journey, a journey, an evolution, an experiment in the art of Claudio Lombardi.
the artist uses different techniques in a dreamlike chaos where, however, the figure prevails: between the spatula, the printing of photographs and the use of hands, the color is the protagonist in a broad sense at the service of the figure that over time is becoming more and more focused to make the message even more understandable. Lombardi is attracted by the material technique and from the material he draws the work, in the mix of atmosphere a face appears overbearing, a memory that emerges from the color and imposes its existence. In 2022 he exhibited some works in a popular context in the Borgo mella bar, with the curator Luciano Baiguera.


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