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L. Joss




Title: Luana
Year of realization: 2021
Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm

Limited Edition (10 prints)
Printed on an aluminum Chromaluxe panel
Delivered with a “Certificate of Authenticity” (registered on the blockchain) printed on the back with:
· Artiste’s name
· Title and year
· Size
· Print number
· Artist’s signature
· NFT Certificate number and QR Code

The digital paintings are generally printed to be sold (not always, see the success of the NFT’s). Luc
Josserand currently uses aluminium panel as a support and the “sublimation printing process”
technology that gives astonishing results in terms of contrast and colours. The edition of each
artwork is limited to 10 prints and delivered with a certificate of authenticity registered on the

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