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L. Joss

L. Joss



Born in 1964 in Firminy, Luc Josserand spent his younger years in the Firminy-Vert district built by Le Corbusier where his parents lived at the time. Son of Marc Josserand (painter and writer), grand-son of Louis Josserand (decorator, painter, sculptor) and Lucien Devaux (textile designer, pupil of the famous painter Matisse) on his mother’s side, Luc Josserand grew up in the universe of the Arts.
Despising his ability to draw, he decided to become engineer. He paints for himself and his friends, without trying to make a living from his art. However, he exhibited at the Salon d'Automne in Paris in 2002 where he won the second Prize for Painting in the "Young Artists" category awarded by the “Association des Amis du Salon d’Automne”, then chaired by Pierre-Yves Petizon.
Drawing, Colors, Light, Shapes are the basis of his work, Femininity at the source of his inspiration.
Despite a need to paint characters, which puts his work in the category of Figurative Art, Luc Joss-erand is very influenced by great artists of the Abstract. Among them is Cy Twombly to whom he has a real admiration. We find the influence of the Abstract in the way it treats backgrounds, often
crossed out with scribbles and smeared with spots of color; increasingly present "backgrounds" in the work, which even go so far, in extreme cases, to impose themselves and relegate the characters as el-ements of the scenery.
A few years ago, Luc Josserand gave up brushes, oil and canvas to experiment with the possibilities offered by digital painting. It is with his new tools, the computer and the graphics tablet, that he will extend the scope of his experiments.
Digital painting is dominated by the influence of the "gothic", "manga", "fantasy" and "fantasy" worlds. Far from these trends, the works of Luc Josserand look like oils in the themes they deal with and in their rendering. Few artists have gone from traditional painting to digital, Luc Josserand is one of them.


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