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Transcendence 1
Anne-Sophie Brilland

Transcendence 1



Transcendence 1, 2020, watercolor on paper 29,7X 42 cm My two paintings come from a series of research around the notion of transcendence. I paint the bodies of women in search of freedom. They are moving towards transformation, mutation, through their connection with themselves and with the space around. They relate to something greater than what they see, like the divine or the universe. Through the observation of different postures and the movement study of the female body, I try to bring out what springs from the interior of the being. Beyond the naked body, I represent the inner vision of a woman. The movement, the line, the shape, the color reveal the energy of those women souls. I choose to paint with watercolor because it is in line with my research. This water-based technique allows me to play on transparency, to obtain a play of subtle tones by superimposing layers of color. The color is indicative of the essence of the person. Transcendence 1 : For this nude, I chose a moving posture, the woman is standing in profile, her arm raised to the sky, the head is hidden, the legs are in tension. I intended to accentuate the elevation posture, the woman ascends to transcendence! Her skin color is very light symbolizing purity! However, the orange color dresses it from top to bottom, epitomizing the flow, her vital energy! The color orange is for me a dynamic, creative, joyful, optimistic, strong, solar, luminous, flamboyant color! Artist: Anne-Sophie Brilland

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