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Sleepless Until Dawn
Leni Acosta Knight

Sleepless Until Dawn



Sleepless Until Dawn
Mixed media (acrylic, colored pencil, graphite, and watercolor) on Yupo paper
Artist Limited Edition Giclee available at sizes at sizes 40"x 60"or smaller down to 8"x 10".

Sleepless Until Dawn

Lover, bring me down fierce and slow.
I hear storms, not one, but three
colliding in the static.
I am whirling, twisting, sleepless.

The color of pink summer warms my skin.
Pieces of soft, damp petals envelope me like a heavy blanket.
Dancing, tempestuously beating,
to a pre-climatic aria.

And as dawn grows deeper, a moist desire darkens.
My back arches in lavish humidity.
Eyes closed.
Heart doing somersaults.

Please don’t let the night leave me as yet.
Caress me with your cool hands to silence my restlessness.
Let me die with my little death,
so I may sink into a dreamless slumber.

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