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Sun & Music
Pietra Kireeff

Sun & Music



Title: Sun & Music
Year Completed: 2018
Size: 50x50 cm
Technical: Acrylic on canvas

This painting was the first one made by the artist. It is very special, because it marked the style of the artist's works. Her paintings are, in a way, expressionists, because they are about feelings, not about what one sees. The circular shapes and dots will continue to appear in all other works and the female faces. The girl's closed eyes confirm that the picture expresses sensations that we cannot see. The girl's face is peaceful, but the picture is filled with visual information that bring a certain neurosis to the painting. The colors on the frame are feminine, so that the girl experiences the light side and the shadow side of femininity and the female power. She's a woman, but she's also a girl. She's calm, but also chaotic. She's cold, but she's also warm. She's light, but she's also a shadow. And she lives and experiences everything intensely.”

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