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Marion C. Hoepflinger

Marion C. Hoepflinger



Marion C. Hoepflinger is an artist from Salzburg, Austria. After working for several years in the field of basic
molecular biology research, she developed her artistic skills since 2013 and remained under the tutelage of
Russian as well as Austrian artists. Marion creates mixed media paintings in a graphical style, using different
media (mainly watercolours, liquid acrylics, oils, artist coloured pencils and markers) and works with
lithographic techniques on paper and canvas.

Exhibitions, Art Contests and Publications
2021 ARTIST OF THE FUTURE AWARD of Contemporary Art Curator │London, UK│January 2021
2020 SWISS ART EXPO│ARTBOX.PROJECT Zuerich 2.0│Zuerich, Switzerland│20. - 24. August ●
LUXEMBOURG ART PRIZE, Pinacoth.que, Louxembourg; art prize participation ● EXHIBITION –
Choose your Mask & Von Bergen und Blumen│Konditorei Ottet│Schoerfling ● Entry into the Artist
Directory of CONTEMPORARY ART CURATOR│London, UK│September ● MASKE – ROLLE –
METAMORPHOSE│Publikationsreihe Fonfeste Nr. 18
2019 EXHIBITION and ART TALK │Schloss Mondsee│Mondsee ● MASK – ROLE – METAMORPHOSIS│
Museum Fronfeste│Neumarkt am Wallersee ● NIGHTMARE AT MARK│MARK│Salzburg
2017 – 2019 Permanent Art Exhibition│First Floor│Mattsee
2016 PAMYON: Wort trifft Bild│SOLO show│MARK│Salzburg

Artist Statement
Marion is searching for perception, effect and truth: How are human beings interacting with the world, with
other people, with nature? How are they leaving an impression on others and how are they really feeling
while acting her role?


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