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Choose your Mask, blue
Marion C. Hoepflinger

Choose your Mask, blue



Title: Choose your Mask, blue
Year: 2020
Size: 47 x 64 cm
Lithography in oil, coloured with watercolour
and artist pencils on paper (360 gms)

We all have many faces.
We all wear masks.
We wear them to play, to appear, to protect, to deceive.
Masks help us to mediate our emotions or to hide them.
The possibilities are endless.
Which mask will you choose today?
The series CHOOSE YOUR MASK reflects our daily life,
the interactions with our fellow human beings and our reactions to the environment.
Every one of us wears masks – may it be often or rarely, committed or unconscious,
forced or willing. We do not always show the world, how we really feel.
Indeed, we hide our true feelings quite often and try to appear differently to the people around us.
To achieve this, we choose masks to hide, cover or clarify our emotions.
Sometimes, we have to appear braver than we feel.
Or we decide, to be much stricter, than we want to be, when we try to protect our kids.
Occasionally, we decide to act much sadder or more hurt, than we are, just to get more attention.
Masks can also be worn at ease: Children use them while playing. Thereby testing different behavioural
patterns for their future life. On the other hand, acting a role as an adult can be attractive during erotic
The colours used in these artworks symbolize the emotion the wearer of the mask wants to express.
Red, for example, can stand for passion or rage.
Green symbolizes hope and health.
Yellow reflects friendlessness, optimism and hope as well as envy and resentment.
Which colour speaks to you? Where do you see yourself?
Which mask will you choose today?

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