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Resonance Light, Space, Nature and Life energy
Nahoko Komatsu

Resonance Light, Space, Nature and Life energy



Title: Resonance Light, Space, Nature and Life energy
Year: 2021
Size: White canvas H110cm W140cm Wid 4.5cm (4.5Kg), Orange canvas H 120cm W 90cm Wid 3cm (3.0Kg)
Technique: Oil and Urushi on canvas, Silver leaf

Using the shape of an endless circle, the elements of the sun, light, earth, nature and space-time, all resonate on the canvas. I hope this world will continue to exist for eternity. The sun is important to life. It gives us heat and energy. It makes the circle of life possible on Earth. Everything that exists in the world resonates with the sun (warm orange). The sun is white (colorless). From there I also pay attention to white.
There is a need to respect nature because all things are connected. Plants produce oxygen which animals need. Animals, in return, produce carbon dioxide which is essentially “plant food”. This is a continuous process that needs to be preserved in order for life to continue.
In recent years, environmental problems such as global warming have become prominent, and there are unfavorable changes in the global environment.

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