Together for eternity
Wendy Alber

Together for eternity



Title: Together for eternity Dimensions : 80x100cm Techniques : Acrylic on canvas Description of the work “ Together for eternity ” reveals a couple walking hand in hand through low tides...towards the sunset. This walk across the sea reveals walking in adversity...the sunset is a depiction of the intensity of the love which binds them together and without turning back...seems to indicate that they are pursuing their journey even though there might be adversities...they are heading ahead through ups and downs. A play with the contrasting colors reveals that men and women are different, they can have both explosion of feelings at times..., however how beautiful and complete they can be when they are together. They complete each other even if they are different and highly in contrast, they are perfectly in harmony with each other... The use of quick brushstrokes is a play and contributes greatly to movements, vibrations, and emotions in the painting. In a love story, things are not static instead it evolves each and everyday... Sunset is a symbol of warmth and walking in water can be interpreted as walking in difficulties but still together in passion and the same direction...towards the same goal, this is pure and perfect love, this is a pure romance. The ocean is symbolical as it has low and up tides same as in a love story. They are walking until they reach the point, they cannot go further...this will mean that they will still be together even in eternity. Artist: Wendy Alber