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Ethereal Forms – Flying Vegetation
Theodora Stougiannos

Ethereal Forms – Flying Vegetation



Title: Ethereal Forms – Flying Vegetation
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 36 cm x 48 cm
Technical: Ink-Watercolour & Acrylic Spray on Canvas

“Reflections under the Sun” and “Flying Vegetation”, are more representative of the alterations that brought about my current art style, a mix of flowing lines and star-filled/ fantasy landscapes. Created almost spontaneously and meant to bring forth pieces of my subconscious processes, they loosely resemble creatures inspired by the natural environment, such as butterflies and fish. Creating those flowing lines that characterise these two pieces, and most of my current work, is almost soothing to me, which is why it’s a prominent feature of my art style, along with extravagant colour.

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