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Portrait in a Hat
Sarah Myers

Portrait in a Hat



Title: Portrait in a Hat
Year: 2021
Size: 40.6 x 51 x 1 cm (16”x 20” x 0.5”)
Technique: Acrylic paint on stretched canvas

In “Portrait in a Hat”, a dark, rapid brushstroke is used to define the head and shoulders of an elegant woman and her large-brimmed hat worn at a stylish tilt. The gentle, nuanced colors of her face express her smile and her bright gaze, but also the sunlight and shadow pouring across her form. The change from softly luminous detail to simple, strongly sketched outline gives the painting a minimalist effect, accentuating the woman's presence in graceful importance. Sarah’s art therefore continues in every medium to seek a unique flow of contours, a vitality of form that identifies the subject in its most natural form, capturing the beauty of the details to make them eternal.

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