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Bolumen garapenak 588
Mikel Eizmendi Zabala

Bolumen garapenak 588



Title: Bolumen garapenak 588
Year Completed: 2022
Technical: edited photo of a sculpture

“Piece of the series Volume Development. They are small plasticine sculptures of about 20/30 cm, of which I take photographs playing with the shadow that I obtain thanks to a small spot-light, I destroy the sculptures, only photography and its manipulation remain. Later I manipulate these photographs with the Painnt artistic filters application (in whose community it is easy to find me). On the other hand, the filters that I use, I create exclusively from my works, either draw-ings, sculptures, photographs, digital manipulations, or with Painnt, Photoimpresion, Mirrorlab, Glitchlab...I have to say that I started with this application casually to obtain different texturas and it has ended, I think that it has taken on its own personality. The filters that I use in the Painnt application, I have created them during the last four years and that helps me when doing this type of work so quickly, since with each plasticine sculpture I have to try one filter after an-other, until I am satisfied, on many occasions I do it right away and on others the combination is usually more complicated. For this reason, I think that more important than the sculpture or its photography is the filter”

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