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The skylapser of the soul

The skylapser of the soul



Title: The skylapser of the soul
Year: 2022
Size: 100 x150 cm
Technique: oil painting on african canvas

The painting is about man and his inner torments. We always like to lose ourselves or create problems within our lives, some to chase the ego, some to desire riches, some for the sake of twisting our hearts and minds. The skyscraper is a symbol of the materialism that exists in the world, made of Gold it stands immense and almost wants to touch Heaven and perhaps, if it could, even further, higher as a symbol of omnipotence, while man thinks, turned toward Heaven, he does not even notice that his face is touched by the sun, he is so dazzled by the building, that he does not notice that above Him, more powerful than Gold, there is Heaven, the Cosmos is there simple and pure to be admired, and life in it is only simplicity, natural beauty... Compassion, gratitude, eternal love.

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