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Du Mu. “A Confession”

Du Mu. “A Confession”



Title:  Du Mu. “A Confession”
Year: 2022
Size: 3024x4032dpi
Technique: photoleap app

Chinese ( AD 833-835 ):

English Translation﹕
I was a frustrated loser and drunk roving in the south of the river with wine and addicted to the type of girl with preferable slender waist by the King of Chu Ling and lissome and graceful dance like Jhao, Fei Yan. I lost and indulged in adult entertainment in Yang Zhou for ten years, which is just like a dream. Once I woke up and looked back, I ended up with a reputation of the name of fickle lover for those girls I hang out.

In the interplay of light and shadow, a woman with a slender waist is dressed in fancy clothes. The poet goes to the brothel to have fun because he is politically underappreciated. Just like a woman can't control her own destiny, between the light and shadow, the woman bows her head and does not Speaking as if resenting the poet's ruthlessness, but also as if mourning his own fate.

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