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Digital Artist


Digital Artist


I like plants and the scenery in daily life, especially plants, I like the vitality shown by flow-ers, branches and leaves, so almost all of my works are based on plants that are photo-graphed in daily life.

I also like beautiful words, whether it is ancient Chinese poetry, or the golden verses of the Bi-ble, philosophy books, and literary works. When I finish a painting, sometimes the beautiful sentences from the books I read in the past will naturally appear in my mind, and I think it fits the theme of the painting. Sometimes I feel a little touched in my heart, and I write a verse that matches the painting.

Color is the container that holds my soul
Poetry is the code that deconstructs my spirit
happiness. angry. sorrow. fun. Transformed into every brushstroke
Character. inside. Row. between. Telling every thought surging
The colors are charming. The verse is captivating


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