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Through Their Eyes
Jessica D Perez

Through Their Eyes



Title: “Through Their Eyes” Medium: Alcohol ink on paper (140lb) Size: 12 x 18in / 30.48 x 45.82cm Selling Price: USD$0.01 for every COVID-19 death worldwide Jessica D Perez, Visual Artist “Through Their Eyes” 12x18in Alcohol Ink Marker on paper This composition is dedicated to all of the frontline, essential workers and witnesses of the COVID-19 Global pandemic. It is a tribute to The Mask Project, Art book being designed and built to honor everyone who does their part to keep each other safe. Images of real people in their masks, everyday lives or at work, showing the vibrancy of their eyes and documenting their stories, this project highlights the efforts of everyone. The world has witnessed deaths and the numbers keep going up, wearing a mask is a way to limit the spread of the virus. The project aims to provide an additional stream of financial encouragement to covid relief funds, starting with the pricing of this piece. Artist: Jessica D Perez

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