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French Cancan
Anne-Gaëlle ELIE

French Cancan



Title: French Cancan
Year: 2020
Size: 50 cm * 40 cm with frame (29,5 cm * 21 cm unframed)
Technique: Acrylic, archival ink, markers on paper

This work is part of the "Modern Bestiary" series. It is again about movement, choreography, a dance that is a proclamation of freedom, an intense desire for childlike joy. To choose life, even when times are hard, to try to rise, to carry our colors high: to tend towards the elegance of movement as well as our attitudes. It is also a satirical wink to the need to parade, to boast, to chat on the world's theatre, in the social game exacerbated in the Internet era. I like the way fables inform and amuse us, through the animals, about our human behaviours.

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