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Liberarsia (Break free)

Liberarsia (Break free)



Title: Liberarsia (Break free)
Year: 2019
Size: 140 X 100 cm
Medium: Oils on canvas

This painting is the first painting made barehanded, It was so tempting to use my brushes, but I finally achieved the challenge. I met this guy named Rami, An egyptian man who graduated from an art university. I was in coffee shop with my friend and Rami was in the next table sketching four hours, I was so curious to see his sketches and right before we leave I said hello sat with him and we shared our artworks, he saw some of my paintings and said ( For ten years I ben here, I never thought I would meet someone as your style) I am honored to hear that. So he asked me if I could paint a feeling with just my hands as a challenge he experienced when he was studying art. He told me that this will create a temptation for you to use the brushes and that temptation will guide you through what you will create. I went home staring at an empty canvas and in one continuous session I created this figure who breaks the cage to get out using his hands bending the barrier to be released. It is my first time making an entire artwork without brushes, I truly felt letting go of all the rules is the best rule.
Color used : Mars black, Titanium white, Moonraker yellow,Fiery red & Sand trap beiges.
The name of the painting is taken from the Italian word (Liberarsi) Which means (Break Free).

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