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Room n. 9 – ARISE (Berlin 2012)
Franco Smith

Room n. 9 – ARISE (Berlin 2012)



Title: Room n. 9 – ARISE (Berlin 2012)
Year: 2021
Size: 60x60cm
Medium: Photographic digital collage printed on Fine Art Paper 100% cotton - Hahne-mühle Photo Rag® 308 gr

The artwork is a digital collage of original photographs shot by me in Berlin in 2012. It is part of a photographic project aimed at telling places, stories and sensations. Sometimes the storytelling is about symbolic places, other times about locations that just leave you breathless. This piece is about memory. Walking the streets of Berlin means breathing an atmosphere of future and integration but one cannot avoid turning a thought to the brutality of the Holocaust. Growing up forgetting what happened would be unforgivable. This photographic storytelling is about all the contrasting sensations I felt walking around this city, with a message of hope, resistance and consciousness. Arise.

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