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Franco Smith

Franco Smith



Born in Antwerp in 1983 and raised in Milan, Franco Smith is an italian-english photogra-pher interested in travel photography, landscape architecture and life stories.
He started to approach photography when he was ten years old using his parents Canon AT-1 and he found this media so fascinating he decided to involve it in his life.
At the high school he entered the magic door of the darkroom where the childhood play started to comes to life until he get to La Scala Theatre Academy where he took part in a Stage Photography Master.
After studies he started to work as a photographer assistant and then as a freelance photographer. Travels have contributed to give birth to the idea of developing a language to recounting links between places and people, to create a sort of photographic storytelling.
His works is based on digital collages of original photographs shot by him during travels all around the world mixed with wallpaper scraps. The presence of wallpaper is to show a graphic description of the place you are entering. The artist purpose is to illustrate his view on locations he visited and to propose you to get in touch with them creating your own perception of the storytelling. You will see iconic objects, monuments, people and nature connected to each other by Franco's imagination.

All artworks are digital collages of original photographs shot by Franco Smith.
They are part of a photographic project aimed at telling places, stories and sensations. Some-times the storytelling
is about symbolic places, other times about locations that just leave you breathless.


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