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Gayatri Ghorpade




Title: Illusions
Year: 2022
Size: 36” x 48” (inches)
Technique: Mixed media - Acrylic on canvas & texture paste

Hues of Blue can be seen dominating the canvas in this work. A beautiful blend of blues and greens cover the entire canvas with strokes of bright yellows, oranges and reds producing an amalgamation of colors.Just as the day transforms into dark the warm colors blend with the cool colors to reach a pinnacle point depicting time is just an illusion as everything happens now and altogether. The artist began this work at the beginning of the pandemic when uncertainty and fear loomed over all of us. Perceptions began to change. Reality as we know it was questioned. Our concepts about what really mattered were challenged. False perceptions began to shatter. As all these thoughts crossed the artist’s mind, she chose to live in her inner, hopeful and bright imaginary world by emersing herself in her creative process and embracing the uncertainty around her. This work of art evokes the same emotions and feelings with organic forms, structures, pat-terns, and bright colours all blending into each other creating illusions : Challenging perceptions.

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