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The Angel
Gustaf Elias & Jenny Esbjörnsson

The Angel



Title: The Angel
Year: 2021
Size: 49x30 cm
Technique: Installation, photographic pigment print

Connected poem:
(Visions of blue)
I Dreamt a Dream! what can it mean? / And that I was a maiden Queen: / Guarded by an Angel mild: / Witless woe, was neer beguil’d!

And I wept both night and day / And he wip’d my tears away / And I wept both day and night / And hid from him my hearts delight

So he took his wings and fled: / Then the morn blush’d rosy red: / I dried my tears & armed my fears, / With ten thousand shields and spears.

Soon my Angel came again; / I was arm’d, he came in vain: / For the time of youth was fled, / And grey hairs were on my head.

From the suite: A Public Space of One’s Own (2021)

Through the eyes, coloured, the narrative is constructed, and status will be.

Society, experience, words and action colourise the human being through layering. A process in which colour no longer is innocent or just representing, but defining or even confining. When did the performativity of society add status to the coloured glow? A blue with a hint of red, and a red with a hint of blue, so close yet so far apart. Perhaps this is as close we can come an understanding of each other, come a clean and joint hue of color. Or as Woolf put it: ”It is fatal to be a man or woman pure and simple: one must be a wom-an manly, or a man womanly.”

This is an installation and image suite commenting on society through an alternative fem-inistic lens. Laying bare what we have chosen to call 'hallways of opinions’ in Sweden. Ex-pressed here in a story as much of personal as of public character, one about man and woman. Exhausted on, yet never sorted out. A story here told in photographs, referencing both to the 18th century English poet William Blake's 'Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience', and 20th century English feminist icon Virginia Woolf's 'A Room of One's Own’.

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