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Pink Jungle
Meike Preusser

Pink Jungle



Title: Pink Jungle
Year : 2019
Size : 160 x 120 x 4 cm
Technique : mixed media


“I wanted to feel pure life, says the artist. The picture just couldn't let go of me. It tickled my nose and woke me up in the morning, so I had to get on with painting right away. I was immersed in another world, free from fears and worries. The symbiosis between the jungle of colors and the changing effects on the canvas with the different painting techniques is the proof that the round fits into the square. I love it when the energies play with each other and form a relationship, no matter how different they are. This is exactly what makes a painting special. Pink, gold and brown in themselves is not love at first sight, but an eternal love that is obviously inseparable. I am immersed in it and sunk into it. I wish that everyone can feel this energy, I have to feel it and the viewer has to feel it and be able to feel it deep inside.”

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