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The Colours of Leonardo Da Vinci
Michelle Angela Jenkins

The Colours of Leonardo Da Vinci



The Colours of Leonardo Da Vinci Year: 2019 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 102cm high x 76 cm wide Leonardo Da Vinci was the true definition of a “Renaissance man”. Leonardo was a painter, architect, sculptor, inventor, and engineer, who also studied the laws of science and nature. Starting his apprenticeship at age 14, he grew into the iconic man we know today. Da Vinci has been regarded primarily as an artist, however, he was also an intellect with a brilliant mind studying various subjects including geology, anatomy, flight, gravity, and optics. This had great bearing on his many paintings. My tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci entitled “Colours of Leonardo” depict the many faces of intellect and the brilliant mind of Leonardo Da Vinci. Within the painting we can see the young child born in a Tuscan town near to the village Vinci. One can envisage a boy with no formal training beyond basic math, reading and writing, who had skills that needed to be nurtured and loved. The viewer identifies with a teenager who travelled and gained respect and trust through his talent and passion for his work. We identify the love and thirst Leonardo had for knowledge and the risks he took implanting his new found knowledge into all aspects of his work. Through the journey of the viewing of this painting we feel the pain, hardship, the love, romance and illness that all played key factors in his works at various times in his life. As scholars across the globe still continue to study the iconic genius, we celebrate his life and his works in this tribute in a joyful manner giving colour and light to him on canvas, as he has given colour and light to our lives. Artist: Michelle Angela Jenkins

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