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Swan Lake
Byron Z. Tripp

Swan Lake



Title: Swan Lake
Size: 60 x 40 cm
Technique: Oil on canvas

Mr. Swan is a poet and Mrs. Swan is a pianist 60 years of marriage just like a pair of Swans No matter rich or poor, healthy, or sick… He wrote poems, she wrote the melody She wrote melodies, he sang them through his poems He sang those songs, she accompanied on the piano 60 years of happiness, 60 years of joy One day she won’t be able to play the piano He promised to take care of her until last day He carries her with him Freely, peacefully, flowing on a Swan lake of their own He still sings those songs they wrote together He still sings those songs in front of her pictures and ashes He still sings in accompaniment, her piano keys played by her spirit At the sunny beach where they honeymooned He knows she is there She heard his singing She wants this painting to have a black piano on it, just like her piano She wants the picture have to have three paddles, because only grand pianos have three paddles She showed a smile of happiness to me Right before lost her ability to recognize me.

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