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Encompassing All Emotion’s
Dea Bender

Encompassing All Emotion’s



Title: Encompassing All Emotion’s
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 12” X 15” 1 ¼”
Technical: Canvas with Floating Frame Created with Mixed mediums. Inks, Acrylic’s, Dragonfly gloss, and mineral pigments

This Abstract piece is a representation of how cancer or diseases can split apart one’s whole concept of life in this realm. It shows the splitting of the mind and soul when undergoing treat-ments or surgeries. Often, we may find ourselves wondering where we are when under surgical anesthesia because our bodies are temporarily suspended yet our minds are always active. Hence the question, where do we go when we are gone? The piece also expresses how those of us with cancer or other debilitating diseases learn to live and not allow the illness to become our identity, rather understanding it is just a different part of our mind and conscious reality. Learning to encompass all emotions can help bring us to a higher state of spirituality and better appreciation for life

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