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Interference Portrait 2
Bryce Watanasoponwong

Interference Portrait 2



Title: Interference Portrait 2
Year: 2021
Size: 80x80cm
Technique: Digital and Analogue Composite Image, Archival Inks Print on Canvas (Fine Art Protect Coating), Framed in Teak Shadow Box (Limited Edition of 5)

The starting point for this work was the experience of seeing the woman’s face in a post-er. It’s an image of beauty brining together the pensive face and the classic flower shape. The making decision to introduce the flower create a boundary to seeing the face. This emulates boundaries in human interaction and the gesture, which could seem coy in oth-er situations, gives a disconcerting physical manifestation to the feeling of being guarded or protective over your internal emotions. This is the first of three coming from the source image. This one has a consistent interference, almost like a curtain or veil that obstructs the view of the face and flower, creating distance and separation between the viewer and the person in the photograph.

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