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Title: Harmonious

Year: 2021

Size: Background - 59.5x42x2cm | Animal, 3 pieces) - length 35x26x0.6cm

Technique: Background - wood panel, acrylic paint, medium, wood burning, varnish | Animal, 3 pieces) - acrylic board, watercolor paper, transparent watercolor, pen, ink, varnish

Explanation I - "Caricatures of Birds, Beasts and Humans"
Manga and anime are now the pride of Japanese culture. It is rumored to be the origin of these cartoons. The caricatures of birds, beasts, and figures, which are said to be the origin of Japa-nese culture, have been recreated (homage) as modern art. Caricatures of Birds, Beasts, and Humans is a 44-meter-long picture scroll that is said to have been drawn in the Heian and Ka-makura periods. However, it is still unclear when, by whom, for what purpose, and what exactly it represents. But who painted it, when, for what purpose, and what it represents are all still unknown. Even so, it has a history of being treasured over the years and has become a national treasure. With its countless mysteries, it has a mysterious appeal that fascinates even many mo-dern people.

Explanation II - “Harmony and Congeniality”
In recent years, there has been an ongoing global pandemic. The world has a pessimistic, gloomy and empty feeling. In contrast to such a world, animals are running and playing to-gether in harmony with excitement. I used a three-dimensional method of expression so that they can run around freely in various places.

Explanation III: “Time Travel”
There are so many characters in the 44-meter-long picture scroll of the Caricatures of Birds, Beasts and Humans. This time, I drew three animals, a running monkey, a rabbit, and a frog. For some reason, they are the only ones running against the flow of time in the scroll. What did they aim for by daring to run backwards in time? Is it time travel to the past or to the future? Or is it a movement from physical space to information space?

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