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I feel that I am making art for two reasons.
First, to "deeply savour this life”.
Second, to make this world and all of humanity a better place.

Oct. 2019 / Exhibition / Temple University / Sangenjaya, Tokyo, Japan
2019 - 2020 / Painting Instructor / Atelier Chicora / Yotsuya, Tokyo
Sep. 2020 / Exhibition / Dream World / Gallery Kanon / Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
Jun. 2021 / Atelier JIYUDA / Azabu, Tokyo
Jul. 2021 / Exhibition / Gallery Kanon / Ginza, Tokyo
July - September, 2021 / Atelier JIYUDA / Tokyo, Azabu

Artistic Statement:
I feel that life is like a journey on this planet Earth to experience what we want to experience by manipulating our bodies and brains that we are currently operating while we are alive. I absorb (input) the many encounters, experiences, learnings, beauty, ugliness, light, darkness, and every-thing else that I encounter during this journey. We face everything with sincerity, looking at it from many angles, thinking about it, feeling it.

We create (output) what we have received (very high energy) in the form of art, honestly, nakedly and freely. I expose everything. By doing both input and output, we can understand things and ourselves more deeply and make them truly a part of us. =In other words, I believe that it is a way of "savouring this life more deeply.

By taking this approach to production, my works are able to tell the viewer what I was feeling and living at that time, how my mind changed, and how my inner life changed (or grew). On the other hand, when you look at my works as a whole, you can enjoy them as if you were reading a picture book (story).

In the background, there is a transition from being pessimistic, hating the world and asking for help, to being positive, encountering Native American and Shamanistic cultures, and under-standing the idea of Oneness through mystical experiences, and now being in a position to help others. My favorite subject to create is "eyes.

My favorite subjects to create are often things that are not visible but are definitely there.
Feelings, emotions, consciousness, ki, heart, soul, love, dreams, synchronicity, etc. are good examples.
I think it is because what is really important is often invisible and we want to make it visible.

There are also verbal explanations, but I try to keep most of them abstract and poetic.
The reason for this is to avoid limiting the world that the viewer can expand in their own way as they follow the work.

I believe that by living and expressing creatively in this way, I can contribute to "making this world and humanity a better place.
Some works of art can help those who are suffering, empathise with them, and heal them.
Some works support those who are working hard and give them more energy.
A work of art, or this way of life itself, may become a great inspiration in someone's life.
I hope you will receive something from my work.


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