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Karukera Dream
Laurent Mondelo

Karukera Dream



Title: Karukera Dream
Year: 2021
Size: 110x82 cm
Technique: Acrylic and ink on canvas

In "Karukera Dream” elements of different nature move on the canvas, creating funny and almost bizarre combinations: one man rides a dolphin like a surfboard, another is in a swimsuit on a green lawn, there are some animals such as a shark, an octopus and snakes and some semi-human figures, like a fish and a bird with the bodies of a man. All these elements seem to communicate with each other, according to a language and a code unknown to us. To increase this mystery, signs and symbols appear on the blue background of the painting, giving the impression of belonging to a distant past: crosses, spirals, lines and arrows follow the movements of human and animal elements, creating a connection between them that seems to tell a story. There are two graphic elements which take a preponderant place in the universe that Laurent created, they are the spiral (symbol of the perpetual cycle, of constant renewal) and the hourglass (symbol of time passing, which escapes us and which withers without being able to control it). However, despite the more playful appearance at first glance, the intent of Laurent’s art is to touch on very profound themes and to speak about a specific subject specific to his Guadeloupe and AfroCaribbean identity such as slavery, environmental problems, cultural and linguistic assimilation and alienation, historical, racism that allow him to take a look at his Caribbean identity (past, present and future), with a dreamlike and surreal result.

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