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Light In The Darkness
Mary E. Morgan

Light In The Darkness



Title: Light In The Darkness
Year: 2023
Size: 48 x 72 x 5 inches
Technique: Mixed Media, acrylic, gold leaf, marker, and collage paper shaped piece, on canvas

“My idea for this artwork was to use a combined 2-d ground with a 3-d collaged paper piece placed central to the composition. It can be viewed as a horizontal or vertical artwork. I call these relief paintings “sculptural paintings”. The blue and pink colors were consciously chosen to represent a personal choice of expression representing my children and grandchildren, male and female. I used gold leaf to add spiritual elements of life and love that represent precious moments with family. The darker tones and black marks are significant not only to enhance the artwork visually but to add an element of drama left up to the viewer’s interpretation.”

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