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Mary E. Morgan
Mixed Media Artist

Mary E. Morgan

Mixed Media Artist


Mary Estep Morgan is a hard-working and ambitious woman. Mary completed her under-graduate degree at Baylor University BS ’72 and her MA from Texas Woman’s University in 2002. Simultaneously she raised a family of three children and taught school full-time for over thirty years. Mary taught all levels of art during her teaching tenure, including 14 years as an adjunct professor in the COFA at a local university. Mary a painter says, “My intuitive and expressive artwork is influenced by internal and external experiences de-rived from conscious and subconscious thought.”

Mary is from Fort Worth Texas. She says, “as a child, I viewed the daily sunsets from my front porch”. The memories of the large sky became her influence for many years. At age ten, she traveled with her family to Cali Colombia where they lived for a year, and at age eighteen she lived in Zurich where she attended the international school and where she took her first art class.

These international experiences had a tremendous influence on her love for multicultural people. As an adult, she was able to travel to Istanbul and in the summer of 2004, Mary had a solo show I Taksim where her art became the vehicle to meet and greet many peo-ple from across the globe. Mary says, “It was an unforgettable and intrinsically rewarding experience.”
Today, Mary continues her creative journey as a full-time artist.

“My artwork is about my life’s journey and the joy of living through abstract form and col-or. The creative process which produces a product is the voice that reflects my soul, ex-pressing many different facets of life’s experiences. The color and form of my abstract art are enmeshed with internal and external world influences and a blending of subconscious and conscious thoughts. My artwork is influenced by nature, family, events, and spiritual truths.”


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