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Tierra Madre 4148
Guido Sancilio

Tierra Madre 4148



Title: Tierra Madre 4148
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 70x100 stampa fine art
Technical: Digital photo technique with black white processing

Guido Sancilio brings to light three frames from his intriguing project Tierra Madre. The artist, photographer moves with ease and great critical spirit between the harmonic similarities and discrepancies of two elements that he handles as a director with extreme mastery. His are of the theatrical stills, photos in which the model literally assumes a pose that succeeds in making sense of the image. In this emerges Sancilio's mood, feeling and emotion, the scenery he creates and the interplay between the two elements succeeds in creating an image that exudes vigorous energy and is of great emotional impact. A further level of depth of the analysis of the shots succeeds in bringing out an important characteristic of the Tierra Madre series: the scene is bare, there are no special effects, grand gestures and the number of elements is small and above all the selection is in black and white, yet the shots are capable of arousing great wonder, they take one's breath away; this is possible thanks to the artist's great research and critical spirit that enhances the wonder of nature and the spectacularity of duality…

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