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Fantasies of surrealism
Ludmila Vorotnikova

Fantasies of surrealism



Title: Fantasies of surrealism
Year: 2022
Size: 42x29,7cm
Technique: Experimental graphics: black marker, acrylic.

Surrealism is characterized by an addiction to everything bizarre, irrational, not meeting generally accepted standards. The main goal is to liberate the creative forces of the subconscious and their primacy over the mind, to cultivate freedom of artistic expression, to break logical ties that are replaced by free associations. But there is another rail of vision of the heroes of the picture-totemic symbols known to the world of esoteric, the spiritual world of symbols. This is a very informative direction: to be able to "read" the symbols of the picture, like a kind of spiritual book.
Totem animal Fish plays an important role in the artist's subconscious. This helps to make important decisions that have a very positive effect on his waking life, for it was he who painted these symbols in the picture.
Totem animal Fish increases fertility and femininity. This allows you to enjoy prosperity and luck.
The metaphysical meaning of the word Fish is divine. Jesus was called the Fish, as well as Vishnu and Bacchus. (Source: Blavat E.P.-Tayna Doctrine vol. 2, p. 10.)
Since ancient times, Fish has been associated with the Teacher, world Saviors, progenitors, and wisdom.
The white color of fish is a symbol of purity and perfection. Associated with virtue and divinity. It has a cleansing effect on human energy. White is seen as a symbol of peace, goodwill and freedom from evil. In medieval Europe, white was considered a symbol of peace, nobility and supreme divine power. The white color of fish is the color of physical, spiritual and mental purity.
In numerology, the number 2 acts as a symbol of equilibrium and justice. The magical power of the deuce is unique, it often surrounds us in everyday life, starting with two eyes and ending with two legs. At the same time, the harmony of the pair makes it possible to always maintain balance in any life situations.
A tiny flying insect bee that has tremendous power. As a totemic animal of power, it reminds us of the joy of our work and adequate rest. The bee usually enters our lives to keep us in balance, and also brings us a message about teamwork. Bees are highly valued and known throughout the Blue Planet. They are found wherever there are flowering plants-life.
Bees call for purpose, diligence, diligence and conscientiousness. Being diligent and very caring towards loved ones.
The divine world uses the bee as a spiritual animal to send messages to man. In the picture of 5 bees: in numerology, the number 5 represents, as a symbol of the Universe, the center of perfection. This is a circular number and a symbol of the course of time.
There are 2 bells in the picture. Flowers are bluebells - a symbol of love and absolute truth, boundless openness, giving room for wisdom.

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