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Going for a dip
Holly Staniforth

Going for a dip



Title: Going for a dip
Year: 2021
Size: 297mm x 420mm
Technique: Digital collage

A woman's face is situated in the center of the work, with wide eyes and a half-open mouth as if struck by great amazement. Playing on the surprised expressiveness of the woman, Holly juxtaposes images on her face that have nothing to do with her, although the woman seems to understand what is around her. The top of her head was in fact cut to place a swimming pool in which a lady enjoys the sun with her feet in the water and a man has just dived into it by jumping from a nearby diving board. The man in turn is hanging from a fishing rod held in the hand by two boys seated on a hand sticking out to the right of the work. From the astonished mouth of the main woman then, another woman hangs from the hook, as if connected to the fishing rod of the two boys above. To complete the irony of the work, Holly places this complex collage on a mountainous landscape, so that the large head seems to float in the air. The result of the work therefore is a strong perceptual displacement with playful outcomes, with small stories that intertwine with each other in a fun way and with an irony enhanced by the manipulation of the limits of color that characterizes the whole work.

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