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Geostationary Orbit
Susy Danelon

Geostationary Orbit



Title: Geostationary Orbit

Year: 2021

Size: 24”x24”, (61x61 cm)

Technique: Acrylic and Oil on canvas

In this Series, BREAKING FREE, I represent both my reality and imaginary world. I feel very in-spired by my 3 Rhode Island Chickens we have as pets in our urban home’s backyard that bring me much joy. I am a believer there is special energy that is transmitted to the canvas when the artist paints, the truth is creating is such a big part of my life, why not have fun and enjoyment that transmits into love when I’m painting. I tend to daydream a lot, when a subject fascinates me, is embedded deep into my conscience and ends up being revealed in my works. Wanting to be playful with my themes, I in-corporate many fun different elements to tell a story giving the viewer the opportunity to let their own imagination go wild, like a memory of a fun dream.

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