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Year of Execution:
-Edition I: 2020
-Edition II: 2021
Medium: Sculpture, Spatial Installation, Video Installation, Mixed Media
Technique: Leather Wet Molding
Material: Leather, Wood
Dimension (cm):
-Edition I: Width 33 x Height 48 x Depth 8
-Edition II: Width 55 x Height 88 x Depth 12.5
Price on request
Note: There are currently two editions in this series of artwork.
An infant-sized spine model is adopted for molding in Edition I (2020), whereas an adult-sized spine model is adopted in Edition II (2021).

As an art duo consisting of an architect and a manicurist, we are always fascinated by the artistic interventions between a space as the external realm and a human body as the internal realm.
While contemplating this idea, the following question occurred to us: "What is the concept of FRONT and BACK in our perception of space?"
In order to demonstrate this question, we attempted to capture the morphological features of a spine, a primary requirement for us vertebrates, from within the body.
An outline of a human spine is debossed onto a single piece of leather, covering a wooden frame and coloured like blood.
In this artwork, the mountain-like spine protrusions we usually see are caved inward like a trench and pulsating with light from the back side, and the pelvis creates a crater-like depression.
This all inverted morphological landscape suggests that our perception of space, such as front and back, inside and outside, left and right and top and bottom, is in fact subjective and ambiguous, and attempt to unveil the traces of an unseen structure and law lurking behind the scenes of our everyday lives by reframing the way we look at things.

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