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Grace in Chaos
Gayatri Ghorpade

Grace in Chaos



Title: Grace in Chaos
Year: 2018
Size: 36” x 48” ( inches)
Technique: Acrylic on canvas & texture paste

“This painting has been created using brushes and spatula tools. Texture paste has been used to create a textured surface followed by layers of acrylic paint one on top of the other creating organic forms and patterns. Colour is an innate part of my life, it completely defines who I AM.
Blue is the dominant colour in this work: hues of blue cover the entire canvas with strokes of white creating depth and producing various organic forms and structure.
I paint on a creative impulse using my own organic forms and textured surfaces. My inspiration comes from my inner world of thoughts feelings, emotions and experiences. For many years I’ve been on an artistic journey of exploring my inner world and discovering my “inner truth” for universal forms and meanings. Disconnecting from the three dimensional reality and entering a whole other reality, a realm of infinite possibilities, can be a bit challenging, it is unlike anything we are familiar with in the physical world.This journey of self-discovery and exploring the inner world is a chaotic one: the organic forms and textures in this work evoke the feeling of this inner chaos and troubling times. I associate the colour blue to a sense calmness, grace and elegance. The art work in its entirety is a representation of strength and the ability to showcase grace and sophistication in troubling times”.

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