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I am a visual poet. I like to call my style ABSTRACTYPE = as for my forever passion for typogra-phy & abstract. I am a hybrid woman; a digital human being together with a nature free spirit-nature girl. I am a Visual Communication designer and a contemporary artist.
I see letters as shapes. and I allow the words to blur and mix with colour until a new meaning is born. That creates a new space for the imagination of the viewer to flow.

I experiment with raw canvas and wooden shelves I find in the street, ceramics, lucid surfaces or left overs from printing houses like letters from signs etc...
I combine oil, acrylic , and spray paint. I use brushes, hands, spachtels, stencils I prepare, silk print and handwriting. My graphic experience and the technology usage is a part of my crea-tive thinking and my DNA.
I take a huge amount of pictures during the process which are part of the final artwork, as a re-flection of the world we live in- transforming rapidly, fast, unexpected and full of different points of view.


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