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Title: Bat-Yam_Milan
Year: 2020
Size: 120x150cm
Technique: oil,acrylic and spray on canvas.

This artwork reflects the liminal line between a heartbeat to the world. A heart is an internal personal intimate organ. Our heart is responsible for our breath and allows us to be a part of the world as we know it. Yet it is also the most abstract mysterious supplier of human connection and communication. Between the things that we carry in our hearts and the rest of the world is a fine line that creates all the different. If we love we will sacrifice ourselves. If we don’t- someone or something is left out of the hearts’ territory in the darkness of nothing. We choose where to put out heart, and that place can change its colors in a heartbeat. Sometimes I step outside sit and stare at my heart. I watch that it doesn’t drown. Sometimes I let it flow with waves and even let it dive deep into to the beautiful unknown. That is the story of the photograph of the painting. Taken by the famous Photographer: Ilya Melnikov -

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