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Hikari Zykia X
Naz Işıksoy

Hikari Zykia X



Title: Hikari Zykia X
Year: 2021
Size: 80 x 1.60 cm
Technical: Oil Paint & Acrylic & Mixed Media Material on Canvas

The word Hikari has the meaning of light coming from the Japanese culture and it is one of the main abstract concepts created by the artist, since she believes that the human particle has three fundamentals: ‘SUFI’, ‘HIKARİ’, ‘DİRİM’ and ‘VAROLUŞ SENİN ELİNDE’. Naz combines 'Hikari', which she connects with her surname and encodes as the symbolic form of her adventure, in the form of a vulva with her designs from a to z. The vulva appears on a purple background, a strong and vibrant color, and is reproduced three times as if to further sanction its power; characterized by various bright colors, it is rendered in a stylized way without diminishing its grandeur. One of the biggest reasons for preferring the vulva form it is due to the fact that it represents for the artist the point where she can come closest to the pure, universal and divine power; furthermore, she makes sense of this figure as the most powerful factor in the universe and the main source of our entire life and enjoyment. The intent of Naz’s art therefore is to destroy the defense mechanisms that we cannot prevent or reflect, which are formed by creating a reflection from her inner world and making inferences with these metaphorical concepts she deals with.

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